February 14, 2020

Stream is making it easier for customers to pay their deposits! Expand

February 14, 2020

Exciting rate updates are coming to the Northeast on February 18. Expand

February 12, 2020

We have an update on the merger that could change your Wireless business! Expand

February 07, 2020

A new plan and rate changes will go into effect across the Texas markets for renewing customers on February 10. Check the Rates page on February 10 for new pricing. Expand

February 04, 2020

Important note when calling Stream Texas Customer Support this week. Expand

February 01, 2020

DFW Associates, lace up your running shoes! We’re teaming up with the Kynect Foundation to participate in a 5K benefiting Hope Supply Co. Expand

January 31, 2020

Rate changes will go into effect across the Texas markets on February 3. Check the Rates page on February 3 for new pricing. Expand

January 28, 2020

The support team is changing how they handle helping you out with Kynect Pro. Take a look! Expand


UPDATED: How to Run After Super Saturday - Part V

January 22, 2020

We’ve got a special treat! Senior Manager of Field Development Bearj Jehanian is sharing multi-part training series to guide your efforts as you make a mad dash from Super Saturday to Kynection. Check back frequently for new installments!

When I was in the field, I always loved events. Especially Super Saturday. It was such a great way to start off the year! As corny as it sounds, Super Saturday always got me super charged.

But, like most people, I either wasn’t sure of the steps to take or I didn’t follow through with my intentions. I think the 2 biggest reasons most people don’t follow through is the lack of a solid plan and a lack of action.

So, in this series on Currents, I want to help you conquer both!

You can consider each part of this series to be a separate step. You may accomplish each in a day, or for some it may take several days. Either is fine. Just remember, the universe rewards speed and action. How fast is fast? It’s different for each of us. But, I’m certain you will know if you are slacking or not.

Sound good?

Great. Then let’s get started!

Part I: Set the Table

Go to Part I

Part II: Promotion Game Plan

Go to Part II

Part III: A Culture of Everyone Gets to SD

Go to Part III

Part IV: Accountability Partners

Go to Part IV

Part V: Promote Events Like a Leader

Go to Part V




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