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Texas Energy Customer Experience Updates Are Live Today!

February 10, 2020

Today’s the day! The Texas energy customer experience changes we outlined recently go into effect. Just to recap:

  • New Texas-only phone number: 888-685-POWER
  • Greatly simplified phone menu that gets them to Customer Support faster
  • Fresh new look for the energy bill with new account numbers for Texas customers
  • Robust service communications throughout the enrollment process, additional account status communications, plus a more detailed Weekly Energy Report
  • 1 unified bill for multiple service addresses associated with an eligible account
  • No convenience fees for one-time ACH or credit card payments. Zero. Zip. Nada.

What Else Is New?

Customer Enrollment Status

During online enrollment, if your customer has an issue with things like identity verification, a deposit hold or a switch hold, they’ll receive a “Let’s verify your enrollment” message. They should receive an email within 20 or 30 minutes. If the email contains an enrollment confirmation number, they can handle next steps immediately by calling Stream Customer Support.

With this in mind, be sure to stay on top of tracking your customer’s enrollment. Status updates will be automated to speed the process along. Stream’s agents won’t be reaching out on your behalf. If you notice a customer seems to be stuck in limbo, encourage them to reach out to Stream directly. They may need to take an additional step.

Priority Move-In

For priority move-ins, TDSP fees (pass-through fees) won’t be quoted to the customer up front or on the account summary breakdown. Instead of exact fee amounts showing up on the enrollment page, customers will see a generic message letting them know the fees may be up to $25 and the actual total will be found on their first invoice. The fees themselves have not changed.

Customer Renewals

Customers approaching the end of their contract term won’t receive automated calls to remind them to renew. Instead, for their protection and to keep the process moving, they’ll receive reminders by mail and email.

Keep an eye on your Personal Customer Report in Kynect Central. If a customer is coming up for renewal, you can always reach out and give them a reminder as well.

Customer Email Addresses

When your customer enrolls, do everything you can to ensure they enter their email address carefully and accurately. We can’t stress how important this is! Email will be the primary way your customers are kept up-to-date on their enrollment, service status, account information and contract renewal status. If Stream doesn’t have their email address on file, your customers could miss out on notices and information critical to their account.

Customer Support Issues

Stream’s support team has grown tremendously. Moving forward, all customer account questions or concerns should be taken directly to Customer Support by the customer themselves, not to an individual agent or someone you know “on the inside.” While you won’t be able to call up Bob directly with your question, you shouldn’t worry. There are about 200 more Bobs who can provide the same level of service for your customer!

Remember, Texas energy customers call 888-685-POWER (7693). All other markets continue to call 866-447-8732. And for help with wireless or your business, you’ll still call 833-859-6328.




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