February 14, 2020

Stream is making it easier for customers to pay their deposits! Expand

February 14, 2020

Exciting rate updates are coming to the Northeast on February 18. Expand

February 12, 2020

We have an update on the merger that could change your Wireless business! Expand

February 07, 2020

A new plan and rate changes will go into effect across the Texas markets for renewing customers on February 10. Check the Rates page on February 10 for new pricing. Expand

February 04, 2020

Important note when calling Stream Texas Customer Support this week. Expand

February 01, 2020

DFW Associates, lace up your running shoes! We’re teaming up with the Kynect Foundation to participate in a 5K benefiting Hope Supply Co. Expand

January 31, 2020

Rate changes will go into effect across the Texas markets on February 3. Check the Rates page on February 3 for new pricing. Expand

January 28, 2020

The support team is changing how they handle helping you out with Kynect Pro. Take a look! Expand


NEW DATES ADDED: Focused & Kynected Texas Tour

February 06, 2020

Being good at the fundamentals of this business and its core principles are what drive massive results and create a system of duplication at Kynect. And the great news is that anyone can do it!  They just need to bring the commitment, desire and a good work ethic. The fundamentals can be learned.

Texas Associates, this is your chance to learn key skills from Senior VP of Sales Ryan Morris and VP of Field Operations Adrian Avila when they come to your area to deliver powerful business training!

“The Focused and Kynected Texas Tour is all about focusing on what matters, which are the skills you need to be successful at all levels in Kynect! When I was in the field for 13 years and promoted all the way to National Director, I learned from the very best which skills were important to grow my business. These learned skills are very much at the heart of what makes your business grow today. From joining as a Director, all the way up to the advanced skills at the top, Adrian and I want to keep this business simple and help you focus on what makes the biggest impact for you and your teams in 2020! Yes, we will have actual scripts for you.  Make sure you attend this training and we look forward to seeing you there!”

– Former National Director and Current Sr. Vice President of Sales Ryan Morris

 “With 25 years of experience in the network marketing profession, with 3 different industry-leading companies offering completely different services, with both national and global footprints, and having helped countless numbers of business partners from all walks of life, I have seen firsthand what the common keys to success are and what separates those who are struggling from those who achieve their goals and desired results. Ryan and I have worked very hard to design this special training for everyone in Kynect, regardless of your tenure or rank in the business, skill level, etc., we are certain that everyone will be able to take away key skills and develop the necessary mental toughness to boost your confidence and lead to better results!”

– Vice President of Field Operations Adrian Avila

Topics will include:

  • Texas customer market update: Taking care of your customers
  • Sponsoring: What do you say and who do you say it to?
  • Fast start training for new Associates
  • Leadership training

Focused & Kynected Texas Tour

February 13 @ 7 - 9 p.m.
Training only; no BP

The Forum
1100 E Laurel Ave
McAllen, TX 78501

McAllen Leadership Breakfast (SDs and above)
February 14 @ 6:30 – 8:30 a.m.
6:30 - 7 a.m. Breakfast
7 - 8:30 a.m. Training

The Forum
1100 E Laurel Ave
McAllen, TX 78501




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