February 14, 2020

Stream is making it easier for customers to pay their deposits! Expand

February 14, 2020

Exciting rate updates are coming to the Northeast on February 18. Expand

February 12, 2020

We have an update on the merger that could change your Wireless business! Expand

February 07, 2020

A new plan and rate changes will go into effect across the Texas markets for renewing customers on February 10. Check the Rates page on February 10 for new pricing. Expand

February 04, 2020

Important note when calling Stream Texas Customer Support this week. Expand

February 01, 2020

DFW Associates, lace up your running shoes! We’re teaming up with the Kynect Foundation to participate in a 5K benefiting Hope Supply Co. Expand

January 31, 2020

Rate changes will go into effect across the Texas markets on February 3. Check the Rates page on February 3 for new pricing. Expand

January 28, 2020

The support team is changing how they handle helping you out with Kynect Pro. Take a look! Expand


TONIGHT: Rob Snyder Is Coming to Your Home Meeting!

February 11, 2020

This round of Home Kynections just got very, very interesting! This week, your final big push toward Kynection will be aided by none other than Founder Rob Snyder! He’ll be joined by 2 incredible Executive Directors to deliver a powerfully unforgettable presentation to your guests, streaming live to any computer, smart device or smart TV.

Watch Here

Ver Aqui

(El webinar en Español 8:15p.m)

No one can speak to the impact of Kynect’s culture quite like the man responsible for creating it. This is an unprecedented opportunity to have your guests hear about Kynect from our founder---do not waste it! His passion combined with Katrina and Brian’s leadership will take your meeting to new heights and give your prospects some serious food for thought.

Stay tuned for another stacked lineup for the next Home Kynection on February 25!

Remember: Schedule your meeting to start 15 minutes early so everyone has time to get settled before the presentation begins. If your guests can’t make it to your place, don’t forget you can simply share the link for them to watch from anywhere!




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