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Those 2 Little Words

November 06, 2020

“Thank you.” A phrase we utter daily, probably without much thought. But what if we told you these weren’t just words, but something much bigger? Gratitude is more than a gesture. It’s a mindset that can elevate your success and give you influence with others. 


Now, maybe it doesn’t feel like 2020 gave you much to be thankful for. But that’s the thing: Gratitude isn’t automatic. It’s cultivated. Nurtured. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find it, and when you do…it can change everything.


That includes your business! Study after study shows leaders who practice gratitude are more engaged, build up resistance to setbacks and enjoy more positive interactions with other people. A grateful attitude draws people in. It also gives you a good excuse to dwell on your accomplishments within a framework of community. So you can feel great about what you’ve achieved, but keep your ego in check by being thankful you had help from others.


All this, just for saying “thanks.” Dive into SUCCESS on Demand for more invaluable perspectives on the importance of gratitude.

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