April 01, 2021

Out now: Stream’s Conserve & Save 12 plan lets customers save more when they use less energy. Expand

March 29, 2021

Heads up! New rates in Pennsylvania and Maryland will go into effect on March 30. Expand

March 25, 2021

Decreased TDU changes for CenterPoint, which serves Houston and the surrounding area will go into effect March 30. Check the Rates page on March 30 for new pricing. Expand


Become an Energy Expert: Watch These Training Videos

March 12, 2021

Stream’s training video collection is here to help you understand the service and value you offer your customers. Watch them all below or find them in Kynect Central here:


Video Library > Services > Energy Training playlist





Texas Enrollment Holds Overview


As new Texas residential customers enroll, Stream may need to confirm some additional info with them before the enrollment can be finalized. This video explains how your customer can identify which enrollment hold they have and the quickest way to resolve it so they can start their service as soon as possible.



Texas Residential Enrollment Overview

Walk through the enrollment process step-by-step so you can help guide future customers as they sign up for energy services. You’ll learn about the Residential Enrollment Checklist, ways to enroll, and the processes for enrolling online and by phone.



Texas Stream for Business Overview

Learn how to differentiate between small and medium businesses, and see how the enrollment processes for each type of business differ. This video will also walk you through how to find your ideal business customers. Hint: It’s all about who you know!



Stream Energy 101: How Energy Works

Understanding the basics of energy can help you better serve your customers. Learn about types of energy, measuring usage, what it means to live in a deregulated market, production and delivery and more.



Stream Residential Energy Overview

Stream offers a wide variety of energy plans that can fit any customer’s lifestyle and budget. Get a better understanding of residential energy so you can help your customers find the perfect fit.






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