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Happy Thanksgiving from your Kynect Home Team! Please take note of our holiday hours today and tomorrow. Expand

November 10, 2020

On Friday, November 13, the New York electricity rates on the Stream Green 50 plan are updating to follow the local utilities price. Expand

October 30, 2020

Increased TDU changes will go into effect across Texas on November 2. Check the Rates page on Monday for new pricing. Expand

October 29, 2020

Heads up! Associate Support will close from 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. CT today, Oct. 29, for a company event. Expand

Discounted Truvvi Pricing - Don't Wait for the Leftovers

3 days ago

We know the holidays have you running a mile a minute, but don’t let this offer slip by your customers. The final run of Truvvi™ Insider savings and double Referral Bonuses is in progress. Before the curtain falls on 2020 (good riddance), make sure your customers lock down their travel savings with a membership upgrade and you lock down additional double Referral Bonuses and more MEI.



Share this new commercial to help spread the word about Truvvi and the best deal on an Insider membership!





Share linkhttps://bit.ly/3fvtDWa


Truvvi Buzz


“My first Truvvi member booked their first hotel using the app: $690 for 4 nights/5 days. Using Truvvi savings of 45%, or $310 off their trip, their $690 trip now cost them $380. Welcome to the Truvvi family!” – Regional Director Steve Pine


“Truvvi, baby! My daughter needed some clothes. We used Truvvi and received over 5% cash back on a purchase we were making anyway.” –Executive Director Michael J. Lerman


Double Referral Bonuses

September 12 - December 31, 2020 @ 11:59 p.m. CT


Associates and customers will earn double Referral Bonuses for the rest of the month!

  • Earn $10 (normally $5) when a referral joins Truvvi for free and spends $25 or more, OR joins with a monthly Insider membership.
  • Earn $20 (normally $10) when a referral joins with an annual Insider membership.

New membership enrollments after December 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CT will be subject to normal Insider membership pricing of $26.50/month or $250/year. Referral Bonuses doubled until December 31, 2020. Earn $10 (normally $5) when a referral joins for free and spends $25 or more OR joins with a monthly Insider membership. Earn $20 (normally $10) when a referral joins with an annual Insider membership. Truvvi Earnings from referrals capped at $599 per calendar year for non-Associates. Visit truvvi.com/termsandconditions for full details.


Remember: Never accept a Truvvi invitation from another Associate. Never invite another Associate to join Truvvi. Otherwise, you may not be compensated properly. All Associates sign up via a special link in Kynect Central. Share your referral link like crazy to help everyone else you know save big on Truvvi and earn double Referral Bonuses!




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