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Just in: The 2020 Top Performers Trip has been postponed until May 2021. Expand

March 26, 2020

Heads up! Stream will be performing a system maintenance tonight that will have minimal impact for GA & TX energy customers. Expand

March 26, 2020

Hang tight! Wireless Customer Support will close briefly at 12 p.m. CT today (3/26). Lines will be open again at 1 p.m. CT. Expand

March 23, 2020

Just in: All in-person energy sales suspended. Expand

March 20, 2020

Heads up! Tonight, 3/20, there is a scheduled WeKynect.com maintenance that will impact various functions including enrollments. Expand

March 17, 2020

We’re waiving wireless late fees and service disruptions until April 6. Expand

Associate Promotions

Super Saturday Quadruple TCB 4 Promotion and Leaderboard

January 24, 2020

We set off to build and enroll more Associates after Super Saturday 2020, and it’s safe to say: mission accomplished! 

Congratulations to all the Associates who are taking advantage of our Quadruple TCB 4 promotion. As a reminder, you have until January 31 to sponsor as many new Associates as you can and help them get qualified within their first 30 days. For every new Associate you sponsor who gets qualified by earning PCB 4, you can earn a quadruple TCB 4 of $400.*

Here are some tools to help you maximize the promotion in the next week:

  • Watch CSO Steve Fisher’s Facebook live from Saturday, January 25 (Mira en Español con Executive Director Alex Rodríguez.for some inspiration and tips to help you get to the finish line!
  • Senior VP of Sales Ryan Morris and VP of Field Operations Adrian Avila are touring Texas sharing their best market insights and business growth strategies! See if they are coming to a location near you on the Focused & Kynected Tour
  • Zoom Home Kynection streams live on Tuesday, January 28 at 7:15 p.m. CT with a lineup you’re not going to want to miss! Hear from Presidential Directors Stefan Rodriguez, Jerry Scriber and 4-Star Senior Director Minerva Lopez.

Let’s celebrate these hard-working Associates!

Leading the way with 3 or more Associates sponsored since January 11:**

  • Michael J. Lerman, ED
  • Ronnie & Laura Millen, ED
  • Edgar Marroquin, RD
  • Dannielle Bradley, QD
  • Suan Thao, Director
  • Steve Papagno, Director

Leading the way with at least 2 Associates sponsored since January 11:**

  • Michelle Miori, PD
  • Felipe Rodriguez, ED
  • Shane Callwood, ED
  • Faith Ware, ED
  • Fikru Bogale, ED
  • Lord & Estrada Energy, ED
  • City Line Inc, SD
  • Irma Garza, SD
  • Floyd Walker, SD
  • Maria Palacios, SD
  • Nicole Wilkerson, SD
  • Luis Jimenez, SD
  • Ngai Dim, SD
  • Leticia Vega Martinez, SD
  • Sophia Oberton, MD
  • Claudel Dorante, MD
  • Gregory Williams, MD
  • Carmen Berru de Corvos, MD
  • Krystle Bobb, RD
  • Jonathan Cohen, RD
  • Aaron Beals, RD
  • Pedro Boix, RD
  • Sergio Corona, RD
  • Maria Braxton, RD
  • Markisha Guillot, RD
  • Reyna Solorzano, RD
  • Diana I Rios Lopez, RD
  • Jake Garrett, RD
  • Caden Kish, RD
  • Marilyn Hernandez, RD
  • Andres Rodriguez, RD
  • Laura Pulieri, RD
  • Maria A Gonzalez, RD
  • Veronica Ortega, RD
  • Edna Munoz, QD
  • Rihno Rivera, QD
  • Eduardo Pastor Lozano, QD
  • Lucy Cortes Rivera, QD
  • Bobby Bazemore, QD
  • Sonny Santillan, QD
  • Maria Jesus Alvarado, QD
  • Sreana Bradley, QD
  • Marianne Gannon, QD
  • Sam Jamus, QD
  • Victoria Carino, QD
  • Milad Nikzad, QD
  • Nydia A Manqueros Meraz, QD
  • Elizabeth Padierna Luevano, QD
  • Tito Mauleon Hernandez, QD
  • Jessica Fisher, Director
  • Adrian Aguirre, Director
  • Tyson Thompson, Director
  • Craig Thompson, Director
  • Isabel Cristina Rangel Alvarado, Director
  • Shamika White, Director
  • Keidy Castillo Vijil, Director

**List based on new Associates enrolled through January 22, 2020.

Not on the list? There is still time! You have until January 31st to take advantage of this promotion! And remember, Steve said this will not be extended, so be sure to maximize it!



*The following rules apply:

  • Promotion expires after 11:59:59 p.m. CT on January 31, 2020.
  • First $200 received when the new Associate triggers and receives PCB4.
  • Second $200 received 60 days following the new Associate's qualification date as long as all Customer Points used to trigger their PCB 4 (inclusive of Kynect Pro) are still 'Active.'


>In 2017, the average Associate was a Director and earned $178.07, but engaged Associates earned $1,139. To learn more about "average" versus "engaged" Associates, please visit wekynect.com/incomedisclosure.



Associate Promotions

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