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We've made the difficult decision to push back the Brinks Home Security™ customer launch date. Expand

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Today’s the day! The completely revamped Compensation Plan is live, along with updated Policies & Procedures. Expand

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New tool from Stream: Use these guidelines to safely market your energy business on social media. Expand

July 02, 2020

Keep these office closures in mind for the upcoming holiday weekend have a great Fourth of July! Expand

June 29, 2020

Help energy customers beat the heat by sharing Stream’s “Summer Heat” flyer with simple energy-saving tips. Expand

June 29, 2020

AEP Central delivery charges updates are now in effect. Check the Rates page for new pricing. Expand

June 25, 2020

TDU charge updates for AEP Central will go into effect June 29. Check the Rates page on June 29 for new pricing. Expand

June 23, 2020

Your privacy is important to us! That’s why we wanted to make sure you know our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service have been updated. Expand

June 19, 2020

The corporate office is closed today, Friday, June 19 in observation of Juneteenth. Expand


These Energy Updates Are Big!

October 25, 2019

Lots of news on the energy front, specifically around accreditation. Take a look at what’s new starting October 30!

New Kynect Central Widget

We’ll introduce a brand-new widget to the Kynect Central homepage that clearly shows your current Stream energy accreditation status, using one of these indicators:


At a glance, you’ll know if any action is required to start or continue selling Stream energy services. If applicable, that includes seeing if your badge submission was approved or rejected.

Tell your team (especially new Associates!) to check Kynect Central on 10/30 to see their status.

“Freebie” Enrollment

Many new Associates opt to become their own energy customer right away to get qualified as soon as possible. Beginning 10/30, Associates can sign themselves up for Stream service without being accredited as a one-time “freebie” enrollment. Some things to keep in mind:

  • They can only do this online, preferably through their own Homesite.
  • They can’t enroll themselves telephonically if they aren’t accredited.
  • They should enroll themselves before sharing their Homesite link with anyone else.

After enrolling themselves as a “freebie,” Associates need to be accredited and have a valid badge (if applicable) to enroll others. And, importantly, Associates won’t be able to claim any customers that enrolled prior to their accreditation completion date. So remember that your own enrollment is your only freebie!

Telephonic Enrollments

If you’re not accredited, customers won’t be able to link their enrollment to you if they sign up over the phone. The agent will direct them back to you to ask about your accreditation status.

MyStream.com Changes (Sponsored Customers)

When a customer visits MyStream.com via an Associate Homesite, they’ll be able to browse and choose an energy plan as normal. If the Associate who referred them is energy accredited, the customer can complete the enrollment.

But, if the Associate isn’t accredited, they’ll see this pop-up when they try to check out, indicating the Associate needs to complete one more step before the enrollment can continue.

MyStream.com Changes (Unsponsored Customers)

You’ll also notice a change to MyStream.com when an unsponsored customer (someone who didn’t arrive to MyStream.com via an Associate Homesite) tries to sign up for Stream service.

After choosing their plan, customers will be asked if they were referred to Stream by an Associate. When they click yes, they’ll be asked to submit that Associate’s A#. If the Associate is accredited, the customer can proceed with their enrollment.


If the Associate isn’t accredited, an error message appears that tells the customer an accredited Associate was not found.


Your goal is to make sure your customers don’t encounter this error message!

My Stream Connect App Easy Enrollment

Finally, you won’t be able to use the My Stream Connect app’s Easy Enrollment feature to sign up customers. It will be unavailable to you until you’re accredited.

Bottom line: Make sure you and everyone on your team gets accredited. Customers won’t be able to complete the enrollment process and link their accounts to you without that step!




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